Facilities Service

Mattress Lineup Entrance is the first impression to Clients

Floor Handy Mop

Flagrance and Sanitation

Air Cleaner

Grease Filter and Insect Traps

Water Purifier

Office Green Service

MENTER SYSTEM PestClearSta. The first in the industry!!heat-steaming cockroach pest control machine

MOUSE MENTER SYSTEM PestClearSta.You can also completely exterminate rats

Air All For periodic inspection, maintenance of air conditioner Rental air conditioning service From 2015, periodic inspection of air conditioner became mandatory

Daiohs Coverall Daiohs Cleaning System Coverall Ensures cleaning service from trained professionals ・Introducing No.1 popular system in the United States ・Available anytime, from morning to night times ・Latest materials and techniques proven effective in the United States ・Sharing information to tighten bonds among worker and customer ・Provide plans according to the requests and the budgets

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